The Process of Logo Design


Where a creative vision becomes reality

Logo design is one of the most exciting parts of a business start-up. And here at Bullseye Branding we get just as excited when creating logos for clients. Starting a business can be very daunting and overwhelming for even a seasoned serial entrepreneur. There are permits, tax considerations, equipment purchases and so many other question marks.  Luckily, logo design is only as complicated as you want it to be. The process of turning your vision into reality really sets in when you begin to see that first version of you logo visually materialize before your eyes. It’s the spark that starts the fire for most entrepreneurs. It represents your vision, your mission, your business beliefs and most importantly, your Brand (by wikipedia definition; a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service). This is what your target market will envision in their mind when they think about your product or service. In this piece, we’re going to break down just how some logos come to life. 

Meeting the Client

Creating your logo probably means a great deal to you for many of the reasons just mentioned. So its understandable that you would want it designed by a business or individual that has lots of experience within this field AND is helpful, friendly and easy to work with. It’s hard to judge just by searching google and sifting through a populated list. 


My suggestion would be to contact the design firm in question, to find out what their credentials are. Perhaps they could show you some samples of their previous work. They may even have testimonials on their website or reviews online that can help you evaluate your decision. With that being said, we have designed numerous  logos for clients here at Bullseye Branding, with never having physically met them, but it has almost always consisted of a phone call, numerous emails and a solid repour built from each point of contact.


The Sketchy Side of Design

As a creative, any time a client describes their business vision, I am constantly drawing a picture in my mind. Their words come to life in colours and shapes and I find myself already in the process (mentally) of creating their “Brand”.  Sketching is our way of communicating back to the client to ensure what they say is understood.

Ever since I learned to hold a pencil as a young child, I drew. Each day after class I would have to stay behind and erase all of the imaginative creations I had drawn on my desk over the course of the class. I may not have “learned my lesson” but I certainly began to excel in the art of sketching! These days, most design projects are sketched within a software program so the design is more accurate when it comes to colour, shape and font choice. 

Logo Design Styles

logo design

Once the initial design is sketched within the design software, the design process has just begun. Within this file, a variety of colour and font choices are presented to the client to see what best suits their Brand. Each colour, font, and shape (or design style), lends to the overall “feel” of the brand, and it’s not always easy to initially pin point what the client will prefer until they have those choices presented visually to choose from. The initial design, then goes through the revision process, slowly eliminating any of the optional elements that least represent the clients vision of their business brand. One piece of advice I always offer to junior designers, is to always communicate with their clients that you will not be offended if they are not loving the initial design. That it is ok to want changes, as this is their design, and you want them to be absolutely 100% happy by the end result. Afterall, their brand, represents yours! 

That’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed our article! Feel free to check out our other branding services here while browsing our website.