Design Projects

Signage.. The making of a great sign!


Signage in the making

Signage is an art form within itself. With it’s many creative production techniques and applications, signage can be a challenging, but rewarding task. Here we’re going to break down just how a sign is made and what skills it requires to do the job!


"Weeding" the vinyl

Once the artwork has been designed, printed and cut to shape, then begins the process of “weeding” the vinyl. This process involves the removal of excess vinyl from your artwork that is not needed. As a rule of thumb, I always put a “bleed” on my colours which will allow the cut line some breathing room when it comes to accuracy. A colour bleed is essentially colour that is extended past it’s cut line to ensure that no white from the original vinyl material shows through if the cut is slightly off the edge of the colour line.


Once you are finished weeding all of the excess vinyl from your artwork, it’s then time for the pre-masking stage. Pre-masking is the process by which you apply a low tack adhesive vinyl on top of your artwork for application purposes. Once this low tack adhesive masking is applied, you can then move your artwork freely over the substrate by which you intend to apply it. When your measurements for centering are complete, it’s time to then tape your artwork in place. Once everything is taped in place you can then peel one side of the backer away, and your artwork will be attached to your premask for mounting onto your substrate (sign board material).


Removing Pre-mask

Your vinyl is now fully attached to your substrate and the signage project is complete… Now it’s time for the exciting reveal! Peeling back the pre-mask once a sign is at this phase is one of the most exciting things about sign making! You’ve seen the work move from an idea, where colours and fonts are played with in various combinations and shapes, to setting up the signage artwork, to printing and cutting. Now your work is complete and it’s even better than on the computer screen!

And that's a wrap!

Thank you for checking out our piece on signage! We hope you enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at just how these signs are created! Signs are a great example of how your brand continues to work for you long after you’ve closed at the end of your business day. There are also a number of options for signage that can help “illuminate” your brand such as backlit signs and reflective signage to name a few. Contact us at anytime if you have an inquiry!